Taking Turns *

1915 Words

Due to the upcoming meeting with the girls from my past who still kept chasing after me, I told my girls about it during lunch. They have various reactions and of course the most apparent was that they were a bit jealous. Because of that, Satsuki and Aya whispered if they could have some time with me. Nami also whispered the same thing but yeah, the meaning between the two was different. I haven't done it with her yet, the most we did was her giving me a b*****b. In Satsuki and Aya's case, they meant s*x. It's been a while since I did it with them so… I didn't think twice before accepting. Using more than half of the time allotted for the lunch break, I planned to bring them one by one in the clubroom that I used with Kana before. Even if they're already accepting of my relationship wi

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