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Because of the incident with Kenji, our plan to talk about the Cultural Festival was postponed once more. Ishida-senpai had a hand on her forehead as she told me that we should talk about it another day. In the end, she was still dragged into the conflict I started. I could only say sorry to her before leaving her in that Clubroom. I have to do an excellent job on that Cultural Festival to make it up to her. I just wonder how she will think of Kenji now. Will she still like him? Ah. Well, from how she acted today, the club was still her highest priority. If it's her affection to Kenji then she would've taken his side. In any case, I started seeing Ishida-senpai in an interesting light. But that doesn't mean I will target her. I guess it's better to say that I now have an admiration for

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