Is Onoda popular?

1468 Words

Monday morning quickly passed. Like I advised last Friday, Hitomi didn’t show up in front of our house to drive us to school. Due to that, Akane had me send her to the train station instead. Fuyu and her friends would join her when the train reached their station. As for me, I went to school with the three girls. To prevent the silver koala from clinging to me, Mina and Haruko created a wall. Nao would remain at our house since she’s technically on excused leave from school but she was given homework to do so, she’s still basically studying at home. Anyway, since I was a little early this time, Eguchi-sensei’s mood was great that the students who seemed to have some violation within the school’s dress code were only given a warning without so much as a glare. Somehow, I had no idea if

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