You're unfair

1496 Words

Starting with Shio’s class, the quizzes held by each teacher brought no small deal of headaches to everyone. No matter how much one crammed and studied, four consecutive quizzes with at least 50 items each would take a toll on everyone’s brain. Well, except to geniuses who could breeze through it of course. Even my Aya looked worn out when the 4th period ended, what more Satsuki? The girl was knocked out and slumped on her desk. Nami and Hina looked a bit better but Saki? She’s in the same state as Satsuki. Chii was still holding on but if it went on, she’d soon run out of gas. Fortunately, it’s lunch break after the 4th period and perhaps they at least graced us with some mercy, it’s at least twenty minutes early.  Shio and the other teachers most likely realized that it’s too much

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