New Appointments?

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Arisa-senpai’s cry surely affected me. To think that she would be that conflicted. The way she cared too much over her friends was more than admirable... and through her, I could definitely see how much of a bastard I am. However, even if this sounded cruel, that wasn’t enough to change my mind about my girls. There’s just too much on my plate. Just like with Shizu, I couldn’t abandon everyone. Talking to her like that and telling her everything about me, she needed the time to digest everything and decide for herself. By the time we got the chance to meet and talk again, Arisa-senpai would’ve sorted out her mind. Until then, it’s better for me to just keep my distance. “I apologize again for earlier, Ishida-senpai. Something came up.” “Stop making excuses and let’s go in.” Ishida-sen

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