Do as you wish

1357 Words

Without saying anything, as soon as I reached her arm’s reach, Arisa-senpai pulled me in her embrace once more. Three seconds after that, her body began to shake once more and her fingers firmly clutched onto my back. Arisa-senpai’s anger as well as her fear of me was resurfacing. As for why she asked me to stay and even gestured for me to draw near her, I think I’m beginning to have an idea. This girl... Arisa-senpai was trying to see if what she felt upon hearing everything I revealed to her could win against her attraction to me. And sure enough, she’s already about to rage judging from the strength of her grip. Perhaps, the back of my uniform would be too crumpled by the time I left this room. Furthermore, with her chin resting on my shoulder, it’s impossible for me to see her exp

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