Wedding Photo (2)

1500 Words

I naturally understood what they wanted to do. Undressing me and pulling me to the bed? Even without saying anything else, the two agreed to do it first before wearing those gowns and taking the photo that they so wanted. That's why instead of being passive this time, as soon as we reached it, I pushed the two down on the bed before climbing on top, putting my knees between their legs. With two gorgeous girls in front of me and after restraining myself ever since entering this house, I was already about to go out of control. For them to invite me like this, it's only natural for me to take the helm from the two girls. "Ruki…" Instead of being shy, flustered or embarrassed, Elizabeth and Yukari stared at me with an expectant gaze. "If I start, I won't be able to hold myself. Is that f

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