Wedding Photo (1)

1244 Words

"Are you do--" Probably because she didn't hear anything from us, Yukari opened the door. And as if seeing something she shouldn't see, she immediately stepped back out and closed the door shut. "You two. Hurry it up before the soup gets cold." With a hint of jealousy in her voice, Yukari then reminded us from beyond the closed door. "Ruki…" After staring at the door for at least a minute, Elizabeth weakly called out to me. Her body already lost its strength to prop herself up, perhaps feeling guilty that Yukari saw us like this or she thought she's stealing a march from her best friend. "Let's not let her wait. The photo and the other thing could wait, right? I promise we'll do everything before I send you two to school." Elizabeth raised her eyes and nodded her head before looseni

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