Intentionally Tripping from her Spell

1706 Words

"My Dark Prince, have your tryst with Yukari ended? For you to crawl back to our royal chamber, be careful of the Spell I cast on the floor. You might slip and fall down on top of me." As I entered her room, I instantly noticed the blanket laid down on the ground. It then extended up to her bed wherein she covered herself with it. Elizabeth's shoulders were bare and the pupil of her eyes looked as if they turned heart-shaped. I see. The Spell she cast on the floor was this blanket, she would surely pull it once I stepped on it and that would lead me to fall down on top of her, right on her bed. This girl, she never changed. Nonetheless, the girl's various shenanigans were almost always adorable. "Is my Princess peeping on us?" I acted innocent and intentionally stepped on the blanket.

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