Shio's House (1)

1697 Words

"Somehow, I like watching how focused you are. Especially when in class." I muttered to break the silence between us. We're already away from the school and are currently traversing a major road that will lead us to the area where Shio's house is located. In the end, even without me telling her, she planned to bring me to their house. She probably thought that once she goes home, she'll still be alone. That's also maybe the reason why she told me to stay the night with her. "Then keep watching me. Just don't disturb me when I'm driving and teaching." Though she said that, a hint of a smile peeked out from her lips. "I know. Watching you like this is enough." Looking at her at this side. Shio is really an adult who was aware of what she's doing. And despite the risk, she continued to

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