Make her Forget

2202 Words

Though she told me to kiss her, Shio just closed her eyes as she let me take her lips. Seeing that, I stopped for a bit and whispered to her. "Look at me, Shio." When I stopped and she heard my voice, her eyes slowly opened. She told me she wanted to forget but closing her eyes, she's thinking about her husband again. "I'm the one with you here. Stop thinking about him." I placed my hand on her face, letting her feel my touch. "You're really…" With a sigh, Shio placed her hand on top of mine. "Is this really what you want? You know, if you want to go somewhere, I'll accompany you." Telling me to help her forget when it's clearly hard for her to do that. I might be placed within her heart now but how many years has it been since she fell in love with him? It even led her to take hi

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