What Shio Wanted to do

2018 Words

After explaining our complex relationship, Itou's view of me made a 180 turn. From how she was thankful of me for bringing her here, she's now glaring at me while she kept Himeko behind her. "I don't know and I don't want to know what's the real deal but I'll take Nee-sama out of here." Itou turned around and pulled on Himeko's hand. "Wait, Ya-chan. I know it's hard for you to take it but Haru and Ruki, they're the reason why I'm starting to change." Instead of being pulled by her, Himeko stopped Itou. "Nee-sama, I'm thankful to Haruko-senpai for what she did for you but look at what that guy did, he also wanted you even if he already has Akane and Haruko-senpai. What is he?" Like I thought, she will bring up Akane. "I know it's hard to understand, Itou. Normally, we wouldn't reveal

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