Itou Sisters' Circumstances

2297 Words

With the two sisters hugging each other over there, I went and sat next to Haruko. Mina who placed herself behind her veered away from me. That girl... If she will always be like this around me then I'll take it upon myself to soften her up. Ah. But I need to be alone with her. "Your smell carried the scent of another girl, Ruki. Did you…?" Haruko commented when she rested her head on my shoulder. Aya and the other club members were still busy at their corner and since this corner is placed in a blindspot from where they are, they couldn't see us nor the two sisters. "I was with Kana before picking Itou from her club. Ah. You haven't met Kana yet." Since we had just finished and all that time Kana's too close to me, her scent was already stuck on me. "Kana? Do you mean that cute and

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