Spending Time with Kana *

1856 Words

"Haahhh... I missed this, Ruki. Your touch and the feeling of you inside me. Uuhhm…" Kana breathlessly muttered when my c**k fully slid inside her. With how she immediately tightened on me upon entering her, I fell down on top of her as I started caressing her now n***d body in front of me. The door was locked from the inside and most students were busy at their clubs so this time with Kana will be spent without us having to restrain ourselves. After putting her down on the sofa earlier, Kana never let go of me again. From initiating more kisses to pushing my hands to touch her, she's the one who's leading me on despite being on top of her. Compared to the top of the stairs where we previously did it, doing it here is much better. Lying comfortably on the sofa, it's like seeing her in

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