Club Activity

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The classes ended soon. With Satsuki and Sakuma going to their respective clubs, Aya and I went to the Club Building together. Dropping her off to the Book Club, I greeted Haruko first before going up to the Literature Club. Ah. Himeko and Mina were with her so I also greeted them.  I told Himeko about Itou and how I will accompany her here to meet her. After hearing that, Himeko was so happy that she even threw herself towards me. That's really an unusual reaction for sisters who lived under the same roof. What's the real story behind them? Though Mina was still baffled at Himeko's sudden change of heart to allow herself to be stolen by me, her hostility towards me lessened when I stopped actively chasing after her. Once I have more free time, I also want to know about her, she might

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