Realistic Act

2251 Words

Shizu-senpai led me to another empty clubroom not far from where we came from. She's the president, she knew every empty room in this Club Building. Being led here by her, I'm expecting some kind of trap waiting for me but I guess she didn't prepare that much. As soon as there were no other ears who could hear us, Shizu-senpai turned around. This should be the 3rd time that I've seen her. The first being in the Entrance Ceremony and the second at their clubroom. Now that I've seen her closer like this, I could clearly see how her appearance had some similarities to Nami, she's also sporting long black hair, with her fringes only reaching her eyebrows, it gives off a prim and proper vibe. There's no other decoration on it like a ribbon or something, it's all natural. Her brown eyes were a

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