Gathering for the Group Study

1303 Words

As always, time worked against us. Before we knew it, the bell rang, indicating the end of the club hours. The other members of the Student Council returned right after that. The Treasurer, Watanabe, had another amused smile upon seeing me standing close to Shizu. It seemed like she kept her word on keeping the secret of my relationship with Shizu. However, if she kept being obvious like that, it wouldn't be long before her boyfriend and the rabid dog-like Vice President picked up on it. Anyway, apart from that, everything went fine. After separating from her, I went to the Literature Clubroom to see Rae and Kana. Since Satsuki’s house where we’re going to do the group study was in the same direction, I decided to bring them with us. It’s just Sakuma and Kanzaki who’d wonder about the

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