Silent Treatment (2)

1377 Words

Naturally, I stood confused at first. Everything I did earlier was no good but a crumpled piece of paper filled with silly ideas did the trick. It even made her laugh so hard that her stomach hurt from it. I mean, I didn’t intentionally write those to make her laugh. They were the ideas that flashed past my mind to make her talk to me again, after all… And they’re written in a way of summaries and conclusions. At the moment, Shizu was waiting for me to move while being partly annoyed and partly amused. As her grin gradually turned into a pout because of my hesitation, I immediately stepped forward and entered her embrace as she asked. With her arms enclosing around me, Shizu's wonderful scent wafted into my nose, calming down whatever’s going on in my mind. Truthfully, more than bein

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