Silent Treatment (1)

1054 Words

A few minutes after Hina rested completely, I repeated what I did for Nami. Helping her fix her clothes and wiping out those that needed to be wiped. I also made sure to support her as she stood up. The girl tried to laugh the soreness off but it’s easily noticeable as soon as she took her first step. Upon seeing that, I lightly flicked her forehead and scolded her. The girl stuck her tongue out to try to get out of it. However, being the stubborn guy I was, I supported her by enclosing my arms around her waist and sending her back to their clubroom like that. Before going there though, I messaged Nami and Saki. The two girls met us before the door to assist and help Hina hide what happened. Although there’s a huge possibility that her friend, Kikuchi, could notice it, she told me that

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