Mori Hina (3) *

1546 Words

Gently moving at first before gradually quickening. Hina, who was expecting a lot of pain, put on a slightly confused expression. I told her that it would hurt a lot but before she could even cry out in pain, the girl quickly became accustomed to my movements. The sofa that had just been silent for only a few minutes began creaking once more. Moreover, Hina’s love juices spilled down, drenching the seat once more. While both of her hands were tightly embracing me, my hips never stopped pounding her, my raging c**k rubbed her sensitive walls making her lower body twitch and jolt from the new sensation. And likewise, her tightness and the way she constricted on my length were enough to let me feel incredible pleasure. “…T-this, what is this feeling, Ruki? It’s burning… Hnnng!” In betwee

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