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"You always see him in your classroom. Has he stopped trying to talk to you?" I asked Kana while we started eating the bread she brought. It's been a while since we bonded during lunch. These days I could only see her at the club and even then our time was too limited. "Un. Momo will always come and block him." After taking a cute bite on her bread, she answered while meekly nodding her head. "She told me you asked her to do that." Ah. I'm glad Momoiro-senpai kept to her word of helping Kana. Good thing I ran into her when I went to see Ishida-senpai. "Un. I did. Don't be mad at her, alright? If you want to, be mad at me." "You're always like this… I don't want to involve anyone with my troubles…" And she's always like this. She always wanted to solve everything on her own. I respect

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