Full Plate

2035 Words

After that announcement and the brief chilling glare she sent in my direction, Shio was instantly bombarded with questions by the gossipers in class. Going back to her maiden name, there's no need to ask how that was possible. Most of us here were already informed about that topic. So to start with, Yamada spearheaded the questioning about her husband. Starting off with that, Shio's mood instantly turned bad. She then threatened the guy that she would give him an F. Soon afterward, she mentioned that the mention of her soon-to-be ex-husband was banned which earned a lot of 'eeehhh' from the other students. Apart from the others who thought that it's a shame, some of the boys had a sparkle in their eyes as if Shio being single again gave them a chance. I could only sneer at them in my

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