The Other Five

1936 Words

Yua, Ririka, and Miho. It's already three out of eight and none of the three even rejected me. Instead, they all showed how much they wanted to be with me again. Now there's another five. I turned my head to one of them after calming down Miho. "Elizabeth… Won't you give your Dark Prince a hug?" Upon hearing that, Elizabeth, still with her blonde hair adorned with a little crown on her head, excitedly pranced towards me. Everyone knew her nature as a chuunibyou so seeing that crown is already a daily occurrence to everyone even in her class. Unlike others who carefully hid that side of theirs, Elizabeth was never shy to her nature. I just don't know why she calls herself a Princess when her title is Queen. That's a mystery that I'm afraid to ask her before. Acting a chuunibyou along w

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