Ririka and Miho

1663 Words

"That uniform looks good on you, husband." Akane teasingly smiled as she moved in front of me after the seven girls backed away after seeing me up close. Looks like they had some kind of agreement, eh? "Is it? Whose uniform is this by the way?" "It's yours… I made that!" Someone from the seven girls raised her hand and stood up. Her face was blushing profusely and she couldn't really look at me straight. I see. If it's someone who's good at making costumes for her cosplays, making a boy's uniform from their own school will be easily achieved. "Thank you, Ririka." I stepped forward and thanked her sincerely. Upon hearing that, she slowly lifted her head and smiled. "You don't need to, even before I wanted to make something for you." Akasaka Ririka, she's in the same year as us. S

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