You don't Remember

1686 Words

Because Yua walked with me while hugging my arms, the eyes of everyone were once again focused on us. However, they only have a questioning gaze as they wonder who I am. I don't know if it's luck or not but none of those who saw us know me nor her. Well, it will be hard for her and the other girls if it's someone who knew us both. Especially with the rumors of my relationship with Akane, it might bear fruit to another rumor. That's why halfway through, Yua pulled out a pair of glasses from one of her pockets with plano lenses and handed it to me. "What's this?" "Your disguise. I know you're worried about getting us into trouble with the rumors that might come up." "… Will this be enough? I'm not Superman." "I knew you'd say that. Then wear this as well." While giggling, Yua pulled o

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