Meddlesome Fans

1282 Words

When I thought that Ishida-senpai waited at that club room for an hour, I certainly felt a little bit guilty. She was trying to help me be a better guy that could run a club. Well, she had no choice but to rely on me since Otsuka-senpai was kind of problematic because of her endless curiosities and Rae only wanted to read more literary pieces and books to learn more. Perhaps if we get more members during the second semester, if there’s someone who would apply, she could then pick more suitable candidates from them. However, at the moment, we needed to make the Cultural Festival a success. “Well then, senpai. See you on Monday.” “Un. Don’t be late.” With that, our conversation ended and I got another planned schedule this Monday. I guess I won’t be able to stay that long in the other

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