Neglected Message

1437 Words

“Well then, I’ll be off. See you later, Akane, Yae.” Kissing the two women who were sending me off at the front door, the two girls happily received it. My morning ended on a good note after that time with Yae wherein I pampered the girl enough for her to still be somewhat tired from what we did. Nonetheless, looking at her satisfied face, I felt that it was all worth it. It’s been a week since we did it after all. And back then, it was with Akane, in our bedroom. Having me all to herself this time got the girl even more eager. And although she made a blunder by trying to please me thoroughly with her mouth, that was erased from her mind as soon as I reached her depths and took care of her like a fine piece of art. I made sure to take her mind away from it by letting her focus on the th

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