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When the train arrived at the first station, all three of us disembarked to walk Aya to her house. Because Aya was already with us, Rae thought that she would have more time with me if we walk Aya to her house. With that suggestion from Rae, the adorable girl who was somewhat down when the train stopped at her station immediately became lively. Walking under the darkening sky, even though Rae was with us,  Aya still happily clung to my arms whenever the street would be devoid of other people who could see and judge us. For her, this was like a dream come true. Although that’s kind of shallow if viewed by others, her happiness was always like this. Simple. As long as it’s about me or the two of us, that’s enough for her to be this lively. And this was why I was always spoiling her wh

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