More Pressing Matters

1296 Words

Yeah. I know it’s kind of a surprise for her to be treated like a princess of an influential house. It wasn’t hinted at before and she hid it well. Not that I hadn’t asked her about her family. This Tuesday, she was supposed to go home early because of a family problem or issue but she ended up not doing that. I refrained from asking her about the issue since it was already resolved and when we’re talking about each other’s background, she only told me enough to imagine the household she was in. “Stop staring. I knew you'd be surprised upon seeing this. I will explain it to you next time… See you tomorrow, Ruki.” Ignoring the maid that was waiting for her to enter, Rae circled her arms on my neck and pulled me for another kiss. It wasn’t a swift one but a passionate kind wherein we en

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