Ogawa's Delusion

1259 Words

“Kazuo… He. He didn’t listen to me or Hina. He waited for me, yes. But the way he had deluded himself that he could still salvage the situation disappointed me…” Nami answered. Her voice sounded really disappointed as well as… helpless. Perhaps she tried to reason out with him but it all ended in failure. If Nami failed to make that guy listen… then Hina was the same. The problem here would be how that guy would act starting tomorrow? Would he throw his weight around and openly shower us in with hostility? “He loves you that much.” “I don’t see that as love, Ruu. I think it’s on its way to becoming his obsession… I know you won’t let me but I still feel responsible that he turned out to be like that.” Right. This is why she’s downhearted. She’s thinking about what I said to her earlier

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