Unexpected Interview

1352 Words

Suggesting to take a bath when she felt rested enough, Nami clearly forgot that the pain brought about by her first time would make her stagger. By the time she managed to stand on her two feet, her legs wobbled almost instantly before a short, pained cry escaped her lungs. Fortunately, I expected that and I still have the same quick reflexes that made me beat the silent guy in catching Saki at that time even if he’s closer to her. I quickly jumped out of bed and stabilized her footing by circling my arm around her waist. “What are you thinking? You shouldn’t move recklessly.” I reprimanded her a little but that seemed to be too much for her, she turned her face towards me and like a child who got scolded by her parents, she clung to me and apologized. “I... I forgot. Sorry for making

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