Andou Nanami (3) *

1684 Words

As our kiss deepened, I resolved myself to finish it in one thrust. With my c**k lodged at that small entrance to her narrow and unexplored cave, I thrust my length in one strong push, tearing away the thin film that tried to block my way, squeezing inside the narrow pathway to her depths... Tears instantly stained Nami’s eyes as a pained expression filled her face along with her hands strongly tugging at my hair. Furthermore, because of our deep kiss, Nami also couldn’t help but bite down on my lips. She gritted her teeth as a means to endure the pain that coursed through her whole body. Compared to the pain that she’s currently enduring, the pain I felt from those two instances was nowhere close to it. “Ugghh... I-it hurts, Ruu.” Nami painfully whispered as I saw her forehead creased

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