Andou Nanami (2) *

1311 Words

From standing up in front of me wherein I firmly grabbed onto her butt to hold her in place, I eventually laid Nami down on her bed. Giving her a kiss on her feet as I slowly crawled up, caressing every part of her. While I was doing that, Nami tried to discourage me by saying that it was dirty. But her gasps along with her body’s trembling from what I was doing drowned it out. When I reached her thighs, Nami’s hands finally managed to grab at my hair. Even so, that’s not enough to stop me. My tongue crawled in a straight path towards the place I had just sucked earlier. Even at this moment, the pink slit of hers was dripping her love juices. Just like earlier, the anticipation was building up in Nami. By the time I reached that part, that anticipation was at its highest. I had just st

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