Andou Nanami (1) *

1380 Words

Forgetting about ourselves in the heat of the moment, Nami and I unerringly rolled around her bed to the point that we almost fell down from it. Thankfully, I trained my foundation. I managed to prevent that and rolled us back to the middle of the bed. We both hadn’t taken a shower yet. Moreover, we’re both in our uniforms. From now on, her bed now had an extra scent. Mine. And when I pointed that out, Nami delightfully welcomed it. Ah no. Nami was the only one still in her uniform while I still don the blue shirt that was filled with her womanly scent and of the fabric conditioner that they used on it. My pants had been pulled down for a while now and I was down to my boxer briefs with my bulge clearly emphasized. I ate and drank food that could give me extra energy before taking the

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