Pretend Dating

1822 Words

When I went back to class with 4 cans of beverage, Sakuma's eyes lit up. I handed him the soda, juice for Rindou and lemonade for Satsuki. Well, all that's left for me was coffee. With that, if ever that guy starts to suspect something that Satsuki met someone, I will be out of the suspected person. Plus there will be Harada's testimony if the need for it rises up. It's a bit embarrassing to bring that up for Satsuki so it's better to have this another layer of alibi. "Why lemonade?" "I thought you would like it." Satsuki glared at me, her face still a bit red because of what we've done. She knew I was teasing her by giving her that. After she drank my semen, she needed that to wash away the smell. Err. Yeah and having that lemonade will also make her remember our special moments. "T-

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