Sneaky Time with Satsuki *

1739 Words

Making my way to the women's restroom, I made sure to not look suspicious and just walk straight. After scouting left and right and seeing there was no one inside the restroom and the hallway I came from, I entered it. Counting the cubicles, I knocked on the 3rd one and it immediately opened from inside. As expected, Satsuki is in here, she reached her hand to my collar and pulled me inside then the door closed with a bang from behind me.  "You're finally here." Satsuki, still holding my collar, glared at me. Then she started sniffing my clothes. "What are you doing?" "Checking if Mori's scent is on you." This girl, why did you suddenly turn to this? You became this sensitive to the smells clinging on me. "So? What's the result?" "It seems you stayed your hand. What? Why didn't yo

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