Do I still need to say it?

1396 Words

“See you tomorrow, senpai.” After a few minutes of silence which we spent just watching the TV, Ishida-senpai was now seeing me off at their front door. Thinking about how she’d be alone again in this big house, I was somewhat reluctant at leaving. But that’s it, I still had to leave. “You mean Tuesday.” Ishida-senpai tried correcting me with a smirk. After what happened, she’s now relaxed with me. I just wonder if she’d still glare and be annoyed whenever I would arrive late at the club. “Hmm? Why Tuesday? I’ll still drop by the club to Kana and Rae. So, see you tomorrow, senpai. Hopefully, you won’t send me another annoyed glare.” “As if you’ll spare me a few seconds on your always busy day. It’s fine. I’m quite satisfied with the time I spent with you today, Onoda-kun.  Do read th

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