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Since passing by the Book Club had already become a habit, a little game had started playing in my mind. It was to guess who would be sitting with Haruko. Back when I just reconnected to her, it was either Mina or Himeko. However, after crawling my way to Himeko and Mina’s heart, it changed to either of the three girls. These past few days, it was mostly Serizawa-senpai. As for the other two, they’re trying their best to avoid meeting me but sooner or later, I would surely have to deal with them as well... And for the pretext, it’s surely for Haruko. Some would think that I was clearly favoring Haruko for helping her girls be cured of what’s going on with them. And I couldn’t deny that. The five of them were originally dependent on her and if I didn’t show up in this school, like the

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