Easily Solved

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After getting out of her daze from what she witnessed, Otsuka-senpai almost stuttered as she thanked me for it. It’s a whole five minutes that even if I was an extremely shameless guy, it still let me feel a slight embarrassment. Well, it’s not an everyday occurrence for me to flash my n***d body to just any girl. Especially if it’s not to one of my girls. Furthermore, the curious girl got completely dazed just staring at my body. Within that time frame, Otsuka-senpai had probably burned my figure in her mind. I observed the curious glint in her simmered down as she regulated her breath back to normal. However, that’s still not the end. When I got fully clothed, Otsuka-senpai grabbed me by my collar as she sat herself down atop the clear bulge on my gym pants. She straddled me almost p

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