Satisfying her curiosity

1337 Words

Asking me to completely strip from top to bottom, I honestly thought Otsuka-senpai was trying to overarch my patience. However, with her eyes remaining filled with curiosity and excitement to see me n***d, I began to think that I was probably about to create a worse p*****t than me. What if she developed curiosity over everyone’s body? Will she just ask them to strip? Although that’s highly improbable, there’s still that small chance because of her nature of easily being caught by her curiosity. I opened her eyes to a door that she hadn’t thought about before and now that I decided to satisfy her, I got a slight premonition that this path was a downward spiral for this overly curious girl. “Senpai, I only promised to show my lower body to you.” “I get that. But Onoda-kun, I don’t thi

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