Swapping Again

1705 Words

"What do you want to achieve, senpai?" As I turned to face her again, Izumi-senpai picked up her chair and moved it near me. This shows how much interest she had when I told her I will help her. Just how much of a lovestruck girl she is? Despite numerous attempts to woo Ogawa and failing every time, she's still this eager to make that guy look at her in a different light. "Isn't it obvious? I want to be put in his eyes just like how he looks at Nanami. You're Nanami's boyfriend, why are you so relaxed that another guy was still chasing after your girl?" Chasing after my girl, eh? As if he has a chance to get her back. Well, given that he's like a protagonist, some kind of deus ex machina might happen to him which could give him a chance to redeem himself. Let's see. I'll be cautious o

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