Do you want my help, senpai?

1686 Words

With her period coming soon, Nami told us that she would be irrational at times and it would last until her period ended. At least it's not as bad as Akane's. Haruko's period will be a week from now and I already know how to deal with her during that time of the month. After sitting and calming Nami down, I repeated my promise to her of picking her up later. We'll also have to talk about that quirk of hers later. If it flared up at an inopportune time, we'll have trouble. Ogawa, no matter whether how thick or dense his skull is, surely picked up something earlier when Nami seemingly forgot about him and focused on showing off to Haruko. Well, I'm sure he already picked up more than just what he saw earlier. He just couldn't live to the reality of that. That's why he kept on clinging to

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