Nami's Time

1589 Words

As soon as Haruko arrived, I pulled Nami up the sofa as we both went towards the door, normally. While Ogawa was trying to think of a way to answer Haruko's question, we opened the door which immediately stumped him. Of course, there were no more traces of what we did but the fact that we're together was enough for Ogawa to imagine numerous scenarios in his head. "Haruko-senpai, Kazuo." Nami acted normal and called out to the two which further stumped the guy. Now he didn't know what to do. Would he confront us or act as if there's nothing wrong and he was just here to check on us? Because I asked for Haruko's favor, I stayed silent and calmly placed myself behind Nami watching this scene unfold. "Great, you brought your boyfriend like I told you. Let's enter then. Is it fine? It won

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