Not the Time Yet

1658 Words

Being interrupted shouldn't be a problem, we could just pretend we're not inside or we're doing something else. But this time, it was Ogawa's voice that traveled from outside. I instantly looked down at the girl below me and saw her frozen expression. It was one thing that we planned to tell him but having him caught us, that's probably something she couldn't imagine yet. Even if she looked like she was giving hints on him to notice, this situation wasn't in her mind. To get her out of that state, I removed my hand from inside her uniform and placed it on her face. I caressed her cheek gently until her eyes focused on mine once more. "Leave this to me, Nami." "But…" "Where's my scary Nami? It will be fine. Trust me." I dropped a kiss on her lips. She's slightly trembling but it's not

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