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When I arrived home, Akane and Minoru welcomed me at the front door. Well, I promised him that I would buy him some sweets – which Miwa-nee was against – if he was a good boy and would always listen to his mother and Aka-nee. After passing him a box of chocolate, Miwa-nee, who was looking at us from the living room, clicked her tongue and threw me a reprimanding glare.  I could only mouth sorry to her before Akane and I moved to the kitchen to unpack what I bought. And while we’re doing that, I told her what happened. “We have a new sister again. I will look for her this Monday in school and ask her to join the group.” “Don’t intimidate her, alright. Ah… Anyway, you already met each other and you certainly made some great impression on her.” “Un. I remembered we’re preventing her fro

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