The Girl who likes me

1464 Words

Much like how I ignored everything Akane was doing for me before, I also did the same to those not related to my desire. Although I could possibly recognize most of my former classmates’ faces, I wouldn’t be able to remember any single thing about them. And that’s the same for Eimi. With my book that I never really thought of getting back from her and the photo that I didn’t ever recall being taken appearing here in her room… Eimi developed feelings for me even if I didn’t do anything for her. Technically, I did something for her, but that’s not enough for someone to like a guy, right? When I first met her again at the Supermarket, she instantly recognized me and perhaps she intentionally let me hear about the guy she ‘liked’ to try and build her image in me. Aoi and Ria showing up bac

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