Karaage and Her Room

1771 Words

  After calming down her older cousin who continued to bawl her eyes out from being reminded of her ex, Eimi took the apron from her and continued what she was doing in the kitchen. On the other hand, she passed me her cousin to sit her down at one of the chairs around the dinner table. Well, I didn’t know how to talk to her when tears still continued to drip from her eyes so after sitting her down, I continued unpacking their grocery bag and arranged it neatly. After around 10 minutes, Eimi went back from the kitchen and prepared the table for us to eat. Looking at the karaage that was paired with a red saucy dip and inhaling its mouth-watering aroma, the crying girl on the seat stopped and picked one without waiting for the rice to be served. As she bit into it, the girl’s tears onc

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