Visiting her House

1356 Words

“You two… Judging from Eimi’s face, you did something outside, didn’t you?” Eimi’s cousin suspiciously asked as she circled around the two of us right at their front door. Although what I first noticed was the pink apron she was wearing that was not her size and the smell of karaage wafting out from their kitchen that was truly appetizing, I calmly answered her question while wearing an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry, onee-san. I couldn’t resist it. Especially when my girlfriend is this adorable.” Putting down the grocery bags on the floor, I then pulled Eimi by her waist. Because the girl was quite overwhelmed by this cousin of hers earlier, I thought of helping her get back at her. “Say something, Eimi.” I whispered to her which made her wake up from her stupor. She was about to

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