Former Desk Neighbor (2)

1341 Words

After leaving the café, since I promised to go to their house and I wanted to send her back myself, we began our walk back to their street. Along the way, Eimi wanted to take her grocery bag from me but I insisted on carrying it for her. Eimi was happy that I did that but she appeared to be somewhat troubled because of it. If I had to make a quick guess, the girl also wanted to do something for me but she couldn’t think of anything. That’s why to ease her mind off of it, I inched closer to her and let her hold onto one of the ears of the grocery bag I was holding at my right. With this, we’re now carrying her bag together. “Hmm… I see. This is more efficient, isn’t it?” I smiled at her and it instantly produced lovely giggling from the girl. By this simple solution I thought of, the

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