Former Desk Neighbor (1)

1303 Words

As we left the vicinity of their streets, Eimi still hadn’t recovered from how flustered she was. Her hand that was clasped on mine was already sweating, perhaps from her nervousness. Either way, to make her comfortable, I had us stop in a small waiting shed where a vending machine for cold and hot drinks was located. As we sat next to each other, only then did Eimi exhaled as she blew off the uneasy feeling she was bottling up inside her. “Have you calmed down?” I asked. I didn’t forget to add a hint of worry in my voice. And as a response to my question, Eimi turned her head towards me and gave me a reassuring smile before pulling me down next to her. “Uhm, I’m sorry for my embarrassing display, Ruki.” This time, the way she uttered my name wasn’t stiff like earlier. I guess it fina

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